Have I Lost Time?

The other night we had a windstorm. I went to bed feeling – and hearing – fists of wind striking our home. The house shuddered, the roof flexed, throwing ice off in crashes, the windows rattled. No they didn’t, we had them replaced two years ago. I probably heard my memory remembering how those old casement windows used to rattle.

The storm raged for several hours before the electricity started to flicker.

Great! Winter here. Cold outside – though, thank goodness, not sub-arctic tonight.

I turned off everything that didn’t really need to be on and went to bed. I just knew we’d lose power. And there is nothing so annoying as the power trying to come back on several times, causing the satellite and the microwave beeping as they try to power up. When you are asleep.

I didn’t get everything. I never do. I always forget something that will go BEEP through the night.

Sure enough, hours after I caught that cab to dreamland, a BEEP – no make that a lot of beeps as the power tried and failed – woke me up.

Finally, whatever electricity god sends the spark through the lines gave up.

I wandered the house, enjoying the absolute silence – we live in the country on a little used highway, far from neighbours or other noise emitting bothers.

All our clocks are electric, so I didn’t even have a clue as to the time. All I could see out the window was dark, dark and more dark. No help.

I started to feel the chill around my ankles, so I returned to bed. Power will return. Nothing I can do to help it come back faster.

When I woke up that morning, of course I looked from the satellite clock, to our bedroom clock, and the stove clock.

Confused, I looked again.

The stove clock is exactly 1 hour 20 minutes slower than the satellite clock. Ok. That should be how long we lost our power. Right? Don’t they have some connection to the world-wide time keeping function? I expect them to have the ‘real’ time.

But my bedroom clock, a reliable alarm clock, with a battery backup that I replace yearly just in case, the timekeeper we’ve used for years to wake us, the one that clicks its numbers over mechanically, is 1 hour, 3 minutes ahead of the satellite readout.

1 hour, 3 minutes.

I watched it on and off all day, checked it again this morning as I got up. Still 1 hour, 3 minutes ahead of the electronic timekeeper – the satellite clock.

Now I have to question the reliably of my satellite provider. Or do I?

Have I discovered a time-loop error? Has the whole world lost an hour? Did only those of us with an analog timepiece notice?

Or is it just me? Am I now in the know of a time conundrum?

Is there a seer or a wizard out there who can tell me?


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