Evermore Chronicles Celebrates Coffin Hop my 5th post

see lots more at:  http://coffinhop.com/coffin-hop-2013/  Oct 24 to 31st, 2013

Check out COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, profits will be donated to LitWorld.org to help encourage children’s literacy throughout the world.

Hey Coffin Hoppers:

I’ve picked a number between 1 and 1,000.

Whoever guesses correctly or gets closest gets their name used as one of the characters in my next book. Only one guess per commenter, to be fair. I’ll announce the winner November 1st.

Hop hearty. Visit all the sites. Aspen


This little piece has seen the light of day. http://www.Browngod.com/ They published it in May 2012. Mine again in Nov 2012

Tweel’s Humour

I have a game I play whenever I get into the big city.  It takes a fair amount of bravery to play the first time.  The second time could start your addiction.

I thought maybe, just maybe, you’d like to play too.  It has two parts.

First, I just want you to just become familiar with all the faces going by.  You ready?  Here goes.

Pick a busy time of the day, when humanity is on the move, on a deadline, traversing from point A to point B in as few steps as possible.  Lunch time with its frantic beat to grab and meal and rest reveals the very best in humanity.  Though four-thirty work departure madhouse in gloaming grimy streets abounds with wary work-worn facile facades.


Stand right there!  No don’t take yourself out of the way.  Stand your ground in the middle of that busy, big city sidewalk.  Stand absolutely still.  Root yourself in the path of the mob, the humanity.  Watch those lemmings on lunch break, swimming with the current.  Stand against all the pressure the pressgang school exudes.

Now watch.  Stare straight ahead, eye level.  Make eye contact.

That’s the way!

And smile.  Not a big evil grin.  Not a smirk.  No. You need to send out your little smile of hello, of welcome, of a friendship that could be – if only.  Let your eyes enter into the scheme of that smile, that welcome, that freedom from workplace angst.

Force the crowd to part around you.  You are a rock in a stream and they are the water parting.  All the while you smile.

Relax into your most understanding stance.  Believe you know you have the right to stand here.  Throw your shoulders back, plant your feet firmly.  Extol that right in your smile.  In your demeanor.  Believe yourself strong, individual, important.

Keep that smile going!  100 watts is best.  Connect, give eye contact whenever possible.  That in itself will begin to show you their world of loneliness.  Watch the timid grins peek out from the miserable.  Welcome that.  You have brightened someone’s day.  All by yourself.  And just by smiling.

Every time someone returns that smile, with even just a hint of friendliness, pat yourself on the back.  Yes, a big pat!  Those strangers’ returned acknowledgement of your life’s sparkle speaks inside them, taking away, for a moment, their forced plodding through life.  Your little ray of sunshine made someone’s hour, someone’s day.  You’ve lent a piece of yourself to that absolute stranger; made yourself one with them for that nanosecond.  You are a gift in their otherwise dull existence.  And you didn’t even know them.

Once you are totally comfortable in your ability to make that difference.  Once you can see that mob as the individuals they are, you might want to take the next step.  You might want take a turn to experience life more fully.  You’ve given, now is time to take.

This second part of my game is harder.  For this part we thank Tweel and wonder at his state of mind, his humour.  Follow me if you dare.

Now you station yourself out of the way of the crowds, across the street, facing towards a sidewalk strip with many windows.  You want a nice long set of large, plate glass windows for your runway.  To see the truth behind your fellow beings.

Edge out, almost to the road.  Maybe wrap yourself around a sign post: you might need the support.  You need no humanity blocking your view of this extraordinary event.

Watch the humanity pass by in those windows.  Each pane of glass, appearing rolled to perfection when viewed with no reflections, is off just a little.  Doesn’t it seem that way?  Like the mirrors in a fun house.

Watch your passersby in those mirrors.

Play the game with me now.  ‘What will that one become?’ you must ask yourself each time as you take in their present, mobile, real form passing by.  The glass may be mirroring their true form.  Can you really tell?  Is the glass pure and the humanity warped?

Are you sure?

Mirrors are magic.  All the fairytales tell us so.  Or is that fiction?  Do you really know the answer?  Remember, before you answer that, fairy tales and old wives’ tales are the urban legends of yesteryear.  Each encapsulating is a grain of truth.

Notice that every person passing reflects differently than the person before?  But glass only reflects, right?  If the glass is imperfect, then shouldn’t each body change the same way?

Doesn’t happen does it?

Some bodies flatten into troll-like shapes.  Some elongate into an eleven form, long-bodied, long-limbed.  There are misshapen heads attached to strong bodies.  There are twisted bodies with regular heads.  Sometimes you see the beautiful, the almost ethereal, wisping by on their road to where?

Is humanity really that diverse?

If you watch very carefully, keeping that smile on your face at all times, you may be gifted.  You may see the unseen.  Some walkers cause sun-blinding moments as they pass.  Are they gods come down this day to check on humanity?

The windows do not reflect everything.  Did you notice that?  Did you notice how some people don’t reflect at all?  Not even a bright mote to show their passage.  Were they real?  Are they a ghost of some distance past, stuck on a treadmill time warp, or perhaps a time-traveler dropping in for a nanosecond to catch a glimpse of what was?

If you are brave enough, you could stand watching till dark. Do you know who comes out after dark?  Just keep watching.  Watch their reflections.

Who knows who you’ll see then?


Author note: Mr Tweel invented the process of of forming plate glass.


One thought on “Evermore Chronicles Celebrates Coffin Hop my 5th post

  1. afstewart October 28, 2013 at 1:51 pm Reply

    An eerie and cool story.

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