Evermore Chronicles Celebrates Coffin Hop my 4th post

see lots more at:  http://coffinhop.com/coffin-hop-2013/  Oct 24 to 31st, 2013

Check out COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, profits will be donated to LitWorld.org to help encourage children’s literacy throughout the world.

Hey Coffin Hoppers:

I’ve picked a number between 1 and 1,000.

Whoever guesses correctly or gets closest gets their name used as one of the characters in my next book. Only one guess per commenter, to be fair. I’ll announce the winner November 1st.

Hop hearty. Visit all the sites. Aspen


Learned Too Late

They never tell you. Those sweet talking hunks. Never explain.

Just come on hot and heavy. Donning passion like a high-class tailored suit. Strutting ’round, till we’re willing to do anything.

That’s right. Anything.

The bunch of them swarmed into our little city from the bright lights of Paris. Wined, dined and danced us off our feet.

Yeah, collectively. The whole gaggle of country beauties, past, present and in-waiting rodeo queens. What defense did us country bumpkins have against all that sexy old-world charm?

Not one of our home-boys shone like that.

SuzieJean, she went first. Spent the night in Nigel’s arms. No one saw her for a whole week. She appeared on his arm at Saturday night’s drop in. Made quite the entrance, tangoing cross the floor. Drop dead gorgeous. Lost some weight, dyed her hair. Almost didn’t recognize her, she transitioned so fine.

LilleyAnn, plump little thing. Hair like spun toffee. Pouty lips always kept our boys drooling. She danced with the lot of those European lads. Listened to their spun sugar lies, those promises of agelessness, youth and beauty. Not to mention shared riches.

Some svelte manny took her shopping before she returned. Latest fashions adorned her, highest styles head to toe. I couldn’t believe it. God she looked good.

BethieBob had her head turned the night after that. I don’t know what convinced her. What promise he offered. But she never looked back.

I couldn’t blame her. What would I trade for looking that way?

SallyKate and SueEllen too they joined in. Came back slinky, as if they’d been enchanted.

Gods I envied their luster and loving. Did I want? Could I live that way?

Yves, he sweet talked me, murmured words as he danced me close. Tiny treasures he gifted, rosebud poses, high class restaurants, fancy dinners, showed me off everywhere. Bantering love songs he whispered. The promises he made. Constantly urging acceptance of his forevermore endowment.

Oh, how I teetered at the abyss edge. Long tomorrows forever exchanged for grimy love hugs and certain death.

What can I say? I succumbed to that charm. Swept off my feet. Wanting long life. I could look in his eyes forever.

See, Yves, yes he bit me. And then I bit him, lapping change from the liquid within.

But within me, my chemistry objected. My genes fought his promise. Now I’m neither anymore. Not a human nor a vampire.

I stutter along at the wayside. Despicable body and soul. My home at lights out is where I find it; under bridges, skulked in alleys, nestled deep under refuse. I don’t care where I hide, not anymore.

All do shun me when they see me. Even hobos, street people and dogs. I don’t belong anywhere here on Earth.

I’m a ghoul now. A rotting, wretched thing. Just waiting for death.

And I think, while I’ve still got ability. There should be a disclaimer, terms of service, or a buyer beware. They’ll never tell you what does happen to the ones who can’t turn.


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2 thoughts on “Evermore Chronicles Celebrates Coffin Hop my 4th post

  1. afstewart October 27, 2013 at 1:58 pm Reply

    I like your twist on a vampire tale, most excellent.

  2. aspend October 27, 2013 at 2:35 pm Reply

    thank you. Read that lore in Middle Eastern mythology.

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