Evermore Keep

Hi Everyone

I thought I might add a little story about the history of Evermore Keep. The place where Leticia grew up. Deep in the Canadian Rockies.

In the time of ruler kings and queens, wizards hired by the kingdom held responsibilities for unusual defense, ruler health, scrying enemy movements, and overall magical sway over the country.

Magi Silvius, a wizard of great renown throughout Europe, became personal physician to the rulers of England during the French / English battles. He knew the battles throughout the land hinged more on the paranormal elite seeking to extend their realms, enslave the humans, and decimate every race but their own.

Silvius believed strongly that all paranormal could get along. Especially when looking at the rising tide of human peasants who had started to defend themselves against the paranormal overlords. Their sheer numbers would eventually overrun the land making life for the warring paranormals chancy at best, wiped out at worst.

During that time, one of the royal inbred scions  developed a rather upsetting personality trait. Not that human body exploration was forbidden, but this royal personage didn’t bother having his servants rob graves. He preferred living victims.

Before the rudimentary police could capture this person, embarrassing the crown, Silvius offered to bring that person with him on a voyage across the sea tot he New World, in exchange for a land grant for his people.

The crown granted this request, granting the land in perpetuity, as long as the crown was never again bothered by this scion, nor rumors of any indiscretions he might again commit.

Silvius, together with a band of paranormals who agreed to a truce amongst themselves, boarded the ship and set sail in early spring for the northern part of the New World.

The sea voyage took its toil, with many of the paranormals dying before landfall. In mid summer they landed in what is now Hudsons Bay. The hard trek across the northern Prairies took the rest of the summer.

The royal scion escaped many times during the trek. Native tales still tell of the death and destruction that followed the wendigo’s trail across their land.

Without stored  food or shelter, just before first snow fall Silvius’ band located their mountain valley…


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